Turing β-0.11

Turing β-0.11 is now available!

  • Bug fixes
    • Fixes for Debian
    • Recent articles are loaded on a separate thread to prevent lock
    • Modules are loaded asynchronously when program loads
    • Issue #49 (Recent files still appear even if the file doesn’t exist)
    • Crash when clearing recent files list on some platforms
    • Help→Examples is now implemented
    • Line numbers in errors
    • Lowered the number of useless parentheses when converting to Python
    • Non-ASCII characters can now be used in source strings
    • Menus are now handled correctly on Linux and macOS
  • New features
    • matplotlib’s `plot_axes` can now be accessed from inside algorithms using global variable `plot`
    • Hilbert curve example
    • Sierpinsky triangle example
    • Option for whether to load recent articles on startup