Turing β-0.10

Turing β-0.10 is now available!

  • Bug fixes
    • Fix NumPy integral types overflow bug
    • User can enter input before end of animation
    • Disable unsafe evaluation by default for input
    • Inclusive range function was not inclusive
    • NOT operator not working in certain cases
    • Round function was incorrectly checking types
    • Input wrapper was not passing kwargs
    • Qt fixer was working incorrectly
  • New features
    • Allow parameterless functions in pseudocode
    • Choice function
    • Upper and Lower functions
    • “Text-only” setting for input statements
    • Display newlines after display statements
    • Allow array access operator for strings
    • String can now be compared
    • New home page
    • Tabs are now switched automatically when creating and opening a file
    • “Clear Recent” button is now working
    • Converted Python code is now formatted automatically